A 2 Cards is an exciting single player card game, where you can define your own bet for each round and score as much as you can, win points by unlocking achievements and you can compare your self with other players across the world in the leaderboards and can be the top player!

      Game play instructions
     1. Select / Change your bet accordingly by estimating possibilities of how many cards may fall in-between two open cards
     2. Flip the bidding (closed) card
     3. Result
       Winning Case: If the bidding card is in-between the two open cards.
       Losing Case: If the bidding card falls outside the open cards or on the edge of the open cards.

   * Change cards
   If you are not satisfied with the existing open cards, you can choose “Change Cards”.
   This will substitute for a new set of cards which will be drawn randomly.

   * Score information / Leaderboard
   Your game score will be accumulated according to the following logic:
   If you Won: GameScore will incremented by ( Current round * Your bid )
   If you Loss: GameScore will decremented by ( Total lost count * Your bid )
   Game center leaderboard only shows highest score you have ever achieved, so that will never decrement.

   * You can bet upto 100 for free each round with the possibility of raising it up to 500 from in-app store. 
   ( pull down rope > options icon > store > buy )

   * Up to 5 times opportunities of changing your open cards for free and more available from the in-app store.

   * Achievements
   There are number of achievements pre set in this game which you can unlock. 
   By unlocking any achievement you will get some extra points and check-mark that you have earned it in game center.
   Go to the game center and achievements to learn more.
 Many exciting achievements in game center are waiting for you to be unlocked!
   Wikipedia link: Acey Deucey Or In-Between (card game)
   For support, send an email to support@a2cards.jnvapps.com